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Bromic Heating’s All-New Wireless Control Solutions

Bromic Heating’s all-new Wireless Controllers are the first of their kind, seamlessly integrating purpose-designed wireless receivers into wired power supplies in a way that simplifies installation and allows effortless adjustment of electric heater output via a range of wireless remote transmitters. As a genuine manufacturer-supported accessory, these controllers allow users to customize comfort with confidence in the fact that each unit has passed Bromic Heating’s rigorous product testing and will work exactly as intended.

Each unit is capable of controlling up to 6kW of heating energy in a number of configurations, including:

  • Individual element control in twin-element Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric heaters (4kW and 6 kW)
  • Independent control of two single-element Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric heaters (3kW maximum per heater)

Up to four Tungsten Gas or Platinum Gas may be controlled with just one ON/OFF Wireless Controller.

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Bromic Heater Wireless Controllers — ON/OFF Wireless Controller

The Bromic Heating ON/OFF Wireless Controller has the ability to switch power supply to two separate circuits, enabling independent ‘On/Off’ control of two single-element Electric heaters (2kW or 3kW) or one twin-element electric heater (4kW or 6kW) per unit. It will also control up to four Tungsten Gas or Platinum Gas heaters. The unit’s 4-channel remote control transmitter is entirely portable but can be easily mounted with double sided adhesive or with screw provisions within the case. Item #BR-WRCW MSRP = Click for Price

4-Channel Remote

Bromic Heater Wireless Controllers — Dimmer Controller

The Bromic Heating Wireless Dimmer Controller for Electric heaters provides the ability to dim heating output over a percentage gradient. The included 7-channel remote control transmitter has the ability to quickly reduce heating output to 25%, 50%, 75%, while also offering the ability to adjust output up/down in increments of 1%. Item #BR-WDCW MSRP = Click for Price        

7-Channel Remote

Bromic Heater Wireless Controllers — Master Remote

The Bromic Heating Wireless Master Remote offers unparalleled customization to those wishing to push our Wireless Dimmer Controllers to the absolute limit. While our incredibly capable 4-channel and 7-channel transmitters are able to adjust an infinite number of control units in unison within a 100ft range, the Master Remote can split these units into 6 groups and adjust their output independently. Featuring 42 transmission channels, this remote can be user-programmed to suit individual needs and is an absolute must for larger venues.
Item #BR-WMRB MSRP = Click for Price

42-Channel Remote

One Remote Can Replace All Below

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