Tungsten Bromic Portable Heater

Tungsten Bromic Portable Heater

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A new era in portable gas heating

The Tungsten Smart-Heat Bromic Portable Heater: Unparalleled Performance and Efficiency

The Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable radiant gas heater by Bromic is one of the best in its class with its state of the art design, practical functionality, and world-class engineering. Bromic is known for their innovation, and they have created a new era of heating possibilities by taking gas heating in a portable capacity to the next level. The Tungsten Smart-Heat Bromic Portable Heater is effective, efficient, and second to none when compared to other portable gas heat solutions on the market.

What makes Tungsten portable heaters stand apart from the rest? The answer is simple. They are 300% more efficient than other standard gas heaters, and they have uniformity to where minimal amounts of heat are lost. Even on the coolest days of the year, users can expect to be comfortable and warm with the heat being spread evenly across the area the heater is placed in. With the patented ceramic technology that is used in the construction of these heaters, energy conversion is increased and the heat has a level of uniformity that is unmatched.

Since the Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable gas radiant heater is made with exceptional craftsmanship and with high quality standards in mind, it has become increasingly popular in both American and European markets. From architects and homeowners, to outdoorsmen who need a reliable, effective, and portable heat source, the Tungsten Smart-Heat Bromic Portable Heater is perfect for many people that need efficient heat solutions for a wide range of purposes.

The Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable is top-rated in terms of performance when compared to mushroom heaters. Traditional heater models often lose a substantial amount of heat, while the Smart-Heat Portable has a higher rate of conversion due to its directional heat emission that is made possible by its high intensity ceramic burner. The burner is able to achieve higher temperatures than standard metal meshes for the same output of energy. If you want to have further control over the heat zone, then the head can be tilted to meet your requirements.
With the Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable, the burner systems and gas injection are fully enclosed in a cover and curved mesh to provide protection for the flame and to act as a filter against the wind. This will enable the heater to hold up well in high wind conditions, and it will provide a more consistent, reliable heating output than what you would get with a mushroom heater. When the flame is not detected, the gas supply is cut off by the twin thermocouples that are incorporated into the heater. Other heaters typically work at low wind speeds, but the Smart-Heat Portable will work at speeds of up to 7.5 mph.
Contemporary Design
Bromic was certainly innovative when they created the Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable. They designed the heater with precision to give people a classy alternative to standard mushroom heaters. As a result, they have received positive feedback from people on a global scale.
With the gas bottle replacement that is used with the Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable, the heater is easy to use, and minimal lifting is required. It features soft touch controls that work efficiently even in low lighting environments. The unit’s weight is cleverly position above the wheels when it is moved, and the stand breaks down easily to efficiently ship and store the heater.